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Our Commitment

Our responsible approach to sustainability and community is as strong as our commitment to producing quality aggregates. For us, sustainability goes beyond social responsibility or ethics. It is what drives us to innovate and become a pioneer in our industry.

Our communities inspire us to make thoughtful decisions

Our operations have to run smoothly not only for us but also for our neighbours. We strive to create a positive impact on our industry and the communities in which we operate by keeping our core principles at the forefront:

  1. A commitment to community leadership.
  2. A commitment to running environmentally sound operations.
  3. A commitment to local economic development.

Ways We Give Back

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    Caring for what matters most to our neighbours.

    We help the Outdoor Adventure Club in Grey-Bruce with conservation along the Upper Sydenham River through donations and employee volunteer work.

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    Participating in research projects like the Duntroon afforestation project

    We collaborated with the University of Waterloo and Stantec Consulting to ensure a forest planted on our lands would support habitat diversity for years to come.

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    Empowering our employees to volunteer for what matters to them

    Our employees continue to support organizations that make a positive impact, including projects in their neighbourhoods like this renovation for a local scouts meeting place.

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    Educating the community on our industry and operations

    Whether speaking to school kids, neighbours or local businesses, we are transparent with our communities about our operations because how we do business is as important as what we do.

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    Supporting the integrity of our communities

    From cultivating farmland to rerouting hiking trails like the Bruce Trail, we share our land and resources to ensure our communities continue to enjoy and benefit from the places they call home.

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    How we rehabilitate our extracted land matters

    That’s why at our Vineland Quarry, in the heart of grape-growing country in Niagara, we built a vineyard.

    See the Case Study

See the beautiful Upper Sydenham River as it winds through our Shepherd Pit property.